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Brings joy on the roughest mornings.

Every time I pick up my mug it makes my brain stop spiraling off into the dozens of tasks and trials I am facing for my day. I get to bring it back to zero and remember what I really am. Fucking delightful.
I only bought 6 to give out and I already need more!! I know so many delightful people, I guess birds of a feather flock together! 💕Keep up the great work💕

Makes me smile every time I see it

This is a great reusable tumbler. I love it and it always makes me smile.

So good I had to buy more!!

I burned my last fuck so fast I had to buy another one! I bought it in white sage & lavender again because it’s not overwhelming but just enough, ya know?!

Sweet loving message “I’d Shank a Bitch…”

I previously bought a candle for myself in white sage & lavender and it smelled sooo good I had to buy some for my tribe! They loved the scent, as well as the sweet message on the candle “I’d shank a Bitch for you right in the kidney” 🥰 That’s love!

Try Me Bitch Crew
Mary Gethers
Awesome Crew!!

This crew is so comfy and soft, plus the message on the front says it all! Everyone loves when I wear this, it cracks everyone up! Great quality!!

Fuck It Ring
Absofuckinglutey LOVE IT!!!!

I purchased this ring because I needed a reminder to myself that sometimes we need to just say fuck it. The brand itself suits my attitude 100%. And although the black detailing in the lettering is slowly coming off (I still got the u on the fuck - which is hilarious in itself ), I love it just the same as I did on day one. My fuck it ring is my reminder that we can’t control all aspects of life, and in those situations…. Say fuck it. It is what it is.

10 GOLD STARS x 10.

Finally a company with my humor

It’s a perfect way to sarcastically begin my morning! Adorable, good quality and arrived quickly.

The best!

I love this candle! Just makes me laugh and smile. The unscented option is a game changer if you can’t tolerate or don’t like fragrance. Amazing customer service , fast delivery!!

Don't Be A Pussy Tee
Autumn Baker

Love love love this tee!! So freaking cute I already have so many outfits planned for it 💜


Spot on, I love this! I always say this to my family and friends!

Love it

Absolutely love this mug. I sing the tune in my head all this time lol

Delicious + hilarious

This candle was given as a gift and the recipient found it hilarious. I also bought myself one so I know it smells delicious. The end.

Better than you can imagine

This is the perfect mug. I got it as a bridal shower gift. I wish I bought one for myself!

The one!

This was soooo perfect for my bestie!!! I love your cards for a good laugh always!!! So unique!

LOVE it!

Bought this as a gift for one of my best friends. I love it, and she LOVES it. She washed it and poured her iced coffee in it right after opening it. We both love UntamedEgo!!

Very pleased! Would purchase again!

Christmas gift!

I gave this to a friend for Christmas this year, great quality and a giant sturdy mug! She loved it!


Bought one for myself and my sister for the holidays. Perfect gift

Fucking Fantastic …

And I quote “it’s like buying a 96 Vette and getting a personal license plate that said 96 Vette”. I’ve leaned into someone leading with the ear. “sorry. What? Please repeat” and nothing. Either way - most definitely self amused.

Amazing! Great mug!

This is mug was great in size and design was hilarious and my sister loved it! It brought laughs and I love the quality and it arrived on time for Christmas! I will be ordering more things and this time for myself

Eat A Dick Bracelet Cuff
Sallyanne Grooms

Beautiful and perfect for my sister! This is her favorite phrase so I love that I could get her something with it on it that is also gorgeous!

Huge Hit at Christmas

I purchased this mug for 2 of my corporate Type A friends, and they both said it’s one of their favorite gifts this year. There were so amused by the double entendre, and impressed by the detail of the spreadsheet design (like I said they’re Type A’s! Haha). One of them keeps texting me every time she uses it, saying things like “it’s making my husband laugh again,” or “i love that it has a lid so I don’t spill coffee every time I take the stairs.” Needless to say it’s a huge hit!

So perfect for office life

Gave my coworker a good laugh :)

Exactly what I was looking for!

My sister and I don’t talk often just because we are busy. We still have the same sense of humor so this was the perfect card!!!