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    Kristi Small
    Hysterically perfect

    I gave this card to my husband for Valentine’s Day (I know, late review) but lemme tell you the laughter that ensued after he read it! To this day, it’s the only card he’s actually kept and he refuses to ever get rid of it. We still laugh about it! The quality is better than the cards you buy at the stores too! 10/10 would recommend!

    C. Wisor

    I loved this card! It is made with Thick good quality paper. It is NOT some thin flimsy cheap card. it was packaged/mailed wrll. Wrapped and placed between two thick card stock pieces and in a thick media mail envelope. Can’t wait to order from here again!! Oh and My husband got a good laugh when he opened it.

    Jodi M
    This card is fantastic!

    This card is perfect and made my husband smile and fit our sense of humor. The card is well made!

    Perfect card for my hubby!

    This card is on point and made my husband smile BIG! I have another card of yours to give him on our anniversary.
    Fun stuff!

    Allison L

    We had been a little distant lately because I had been a little moody. Once I gave him his gift it brought a huge smile to his face he wasn’t expecting it and kept reading it to himself thinking it was a mistake.

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